Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Interesting tip

One interesting tip when preparing Mine Apollo if you prefer to drain the water to add some additional chinese flavour:

Add 2 tsp Sesame Oil
Pinch of pepper
1 tsp Dark Soy Sauce

Mine Apollo with dodo fish balls


1 Mine Apollo - any flavour
5 Dodo fish balls
1 tbsp Dark Soy Sauce

Boil 3 cups of water with Dodo fish balls for 10 minutes.
Add in Mine Apollo and allows to cook for another 3 minutes.
Add in Dark Soy Sauce

Serve steamy hot !!!

Bloody Mine Apollo

One of the simplest amazingly juicy recipes...!!!

1 Mine Apollo - any flavour
3 tbsp Tomato Ketchup

Cook Mine Apollo as usual in 2 cups of water as a soup.
When finished add Ketchup.

Serve while hot :)

Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Fried Mine Appollo

1 Mine Appollo, any flavour
Half cup grated carrots
Half cup grated cabbage
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
1 tbsp white wine
1 tbsp oilSalt & Pepper
1 cup cooked meat or chicken
1 egg cooked as omelette and sliced

Boil noodles as usual and drain all water. In a wok or if you don't have one then use a pan, heat the oil and add the noodles to it. Add the soy sauce and wine and stir well. Allow to try for a minute or two. Then add the carrots and cababge and allow to cook for a few mins. Add salt and pepper and meat/chicken. Lastly add sliced omelette and serve. Easy isnt it???

Sunday, 28 January 2007

Mine Apollo with apple and cheese

This one sounds nice, I guess it must be fruity :)

1 Mine Apollo(any flavor)
1/2 Apple cut into small cubes
A few spoons of cheese spread

Boil the noodles as usual. Drain soup if you wish. Garnish with cheese spread and apple cubes. Serve as a breakfast ;)

Contributed by Tina!!! Thanks dear :)

Friday, 26 January 2007

Mine Apollo with chicken

This recipe is for one person only. Please bear in mind one mine apollo one person :)

1 Mine Apollo
Approx 200g chicken
3 juicy tomatoes(cut into pieces)
1 medium onion(chopped in thick rings)
1 green chilli
1 tbsp garlic and ginger paste
1 spoon of oil
1 tbsp soy sauce

Prepare your chicken before you do your Mine Appollo. So we start by cutting the chicken into boneless chunks and add some salt to it. Add the crushed garlic and ginger paste to your chicken chunks and leave to marrinate for 30mins. Cut the green chilli half along the length.

Place a pan over fire and add some oil... I would recommend RAJAH OIL :P When your oil is hot (you can test by throwing a drop of water on it will make a swussssh sound), throw your chicken chunks in the pan. Leave your chicken chunks until they start to have a brownish color, optionally you can add some Yeos soy sauce to it. Add the tomatoes and allow to simmer. Add onion rings and chilli and leave for a few minutes. At this stage stop your fire. Your chicken sauce is now ready. Now prepare your mine appollo the way you want it and serve with the chicken topping.

Proudly contributed by Javed!!!

Mine Apollo italiano

This one is the italian version of Mine Apollo, using the same preparation as Macaroni Cheese it's simply delicious and rich in carbs :)

1 Mine Apollo
1 spoon of butter
1 small onion(chopped)
1 cup of milk
1 cup of grated cheddar cheese
1 can of tuna(drained)
1/2 cup chopped canned mushroom
1 spoon flour

Boil the noodles with 2 cups of water and add seasoning. When finished, drain noodles and put aside. In a pan, melt the butter and add chopped onions, do not allow to fry. Add milk and flour and stir well. Add mushroom, grated cheese and continue stirring. Lastly add the tuna and allow paste to thicken, if paste becomes too thick add a cup of water and allow to simmer for a 3 minutes. Optionally you can sprinkle some oregano also.

Serve noodle with above prepared topping.